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Why File Sharing is Not Caring – Places to find Free SVGs – Where to Find Free SVGs

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Why File Sharing is Not Caring – Places to find Free SVGs – Where to Find Free SVGs

There has been a lot of controversy on social media right now around file sharing, particularly in the digital download world for SVG files. There are some really great groups out there that provide TRULY free SVGs, but more and more groups are being created that are sharing designs they believe are “free” when in all reality they aren’t. This is mainly due to ignorance, I won’t lie, and unless the crafting community starts to educate people, things could get ugly for some – including legal action and fines.

In this video I am going to discuss what a free SVG is and places to find free SVGs so you have a resource to utilize. The truth is, most of the SVGs you may be looking for, are already provided in some free format. Even if they aren’t a few bucks isn’t going to break your bank and is it really worth the hassle and inherent risk associated with it???

Download the comprehensive list of FREE SVGs here:
FREE SVGs for Personal or Commercial Use

Design Bundles FREE SVGs

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