How to reverse weed

How to Reverse Weed

How to Reverse Weed Your SVG

How to reverse weed your svg

In order to reverse-weed your SVG file, you should know how to properly set up your Silhouette. You’ll need tweezers, a cutting mat, and Static liner. These materials will save you money while also helping you weed your image correctly. In this article, I’ll cover how to use them properly and save yourself some time. Follow along as I explain the process step by step.


One of the best ways to create a weeded silhouette design is to use a weeding tool. One popular tool for weeding silhouettes is the silhouette hook tool. This tool is a popular choice for weeding vinyl but some people don’t like its use. In a pinch, a safety pin will do, or you can use a dental tool such as pointed tweezers to catch tiny pieces of vinyl. Both dental tools and silhouette hook tools can be purchased inexpensively online or at discount tool stores like Harbor Freight.


One of the easiest ways to weed vinyl is to use tweezers. Unlike normal tweezers, reverse tweezers have a curved tip and open and close backwards. They can be used for small embellishments or to hold onto materials such as linoleum or leather. When weeding, it’s best to separate cut lines so that they’re easier to remove.

Static liner

If your svg file has many fine details and you don’t want to worry about scratching your media, using a static liner will make reverse weeding your svg file easier. After weeding your design, you can stick it back into place without scratching it. This process is similar to using EasyWeed. In less than 10 minutes, I had my entire design back onto my media.

Saving on materials

When you reverse weed your SVG, you can save time, materials, and stress! Reversing weeded vinyl designs will save you time re-sticking the backing and re-cutting the lettering. But be patient, as it will take longer than normal weeding. Before you start, you must import your SVG file. Once you do so, the Cricut design space will separate the images by color.

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