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How to build an SVG for Cricut Design space

[videojs youtube=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fKESeZMQ-u8″]
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This is the font I used for Mom. It is one of my favorite new fonts. https://fontbundles.net/on-the-spot-studio/249582-dear-olive/rel=HYukK4 affiliate link

This is where you can get Amastery (It is a GREAT font duo and there is no other font with an extras set like Amastery, It is worth every penny, you will use it all the time). https://fontbundles.net/blackcatsmedia/24277-amastery-font-duo-extras/rel=HYukK4 affiliate link

This is the font Bambi. It actually has 2 sets of extras with it. One of the sets is “Bambi flowersticks” that is where the daisy came from, also a GREAT set of extras to have) as of the day of this video, Bambi can be purchased in a Best seller bundle for a huge savings. Click on the “Bundles” link if you want to grab it in the bundle. Otherwise, this is the link by itself.
Bambi – https://fontbundles.net/yandidesigns/47648-bambi-font-new-extras/rel=HYukK4 affiliate link
Bundle it is in as of the date of this video – https://fontbundles.net/the-best-sellers-font-bundle-vi/rel=HYukK4

Inkscape can be downloaded as an app on windows 10 in the miccrosoft store (FREE)
It can also be downloaded FREE at inkscape.org

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