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Top 5 New Features in Inkscape 1.0

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Inkscape 1.0 is here! And the new features are amazing! In this video, I cover what I think are the Top 5 new features in Inkscape 1.0. Features covered include a new UI with the ability to customize your theme and icons, the new Live Path Effects dialogue, X-ray mode, split view, and the Y-axis inversion!

Inkscape is a free vector graphics software most similar to Adobe Illustrator and Affinity Designer.

Intro – 0:00
Feature 1 | New UI Style and Customization – 1:40
Feature 2 | Y Axis Inversion – 8:04
Feature 3 | Split Preview – 8:54
Feature 4 | X-ray Mode – 11:11
Feature 5 | New Live Path Effects Dialogue – 12:13

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