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Maker Academy Weekend 2022: Friday Morning Workshops

[videojs youtube=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dxePJFMJXxw”]
In our free Maker Academy Weekend workshops this morning, you’ll get “motivated to make” from Jennifer Maker, learn how to make a 3D Light-Up Paper Angel, DIY Gift Boxes, Cricut Foil Home Decor, and discover how to find joy through crafting with special guest Lia Griffith!

Get a free ticket to our online event with access to our 200+ designs with a free ticket to Maker Academy Weekend 200 at https://makeracademy.com/weekend

See the Maker Academy Weekend 2022 schedule at https://makeracademy.com/weekend-schedule

Get lifetime replays with a 2022 VIP Pass at https//makeracademy.com/vip

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