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The new Cricut Mug Press just recently launched at @michaelsstores and I’m definitely hooked! #ad This Cricut Mug press machine is amazing because you can make pro-quality mugs at your home! This uses infusible ink materials which infuses directly into the mug. Not only does it have such vibrant and pretty results, these mugs are peel-proof, dishwasher-safe, AND microwave-safe! These will have permanent and long lasting results.

The mug press does so much of the hard work for you. You don’t have to worry about setting a manual temperature or using any pressure adjustments. It has a one touch setting. You can press with a peace of mind with an auto-off safety feature. This is so important to me with two young kids at home.

I love that you can personalize these mugs however you want! You can get so creative with these and they make excellent gifts for friends, family, teachers, and of course for yourself 😉

You can shop for all the supplies you need at Michaels stores. Michaels makes shopping super easy! You can even place your order online for curbside pickup and get it that same day! As a busy mom, this is so convenient to me!

Let me know if you pick one up and what you decide to make with your personalized mugs! 🙂

Cricut Maker: https://bit.ly/3m1EZ7C
Cricut Mug Press: https://bit.ly/3svHphk
Cricut easy press Mat: https://bit.ly/3w97u88
Mug Blanks: https://bit.ly/3dg4XAy
Heat Resistant Tape: https://bit.ly/3u6fyog
Cricut Cutting Mat: https://bit.ly/3u8K4Oe
Pink Transfer Sheets: https://bit.ly/31sDBBL
Black Transfer Sheets: https://bit.ly/2O33zsg

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