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How to use and export mock-ups in Cricut Design space

[videojs youtube=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=txMPdfusCuc”]
This video shows how to use and export mock-ips in Cricut Design space.

#ad This is the Mock up I used https://designbundles.net/wanderlustlens/95896-tote-bag-mockup/rel=HYukK4

#ad The font I used is the new Emily Spadoni font Bottoms Up Love (the watering can came from the “extras” with the font https://fontbundles.net/emily-spadoni/229640-bottoms-up-love-font-duo-and-extras/rel=HYukK4 affiliate link

#ad The plants and snails are all currently in this bundle https://designbundles.net/the-special-craft-bundle/rel=HYukK4

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