How to Insert & Choose Cricut Pens & Markers + Tips & Tricks

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To learn more about writing with pens and markers, visit–writing

As you may or may not know, your Cricut is more than a cutting machine … it’s also a crazy writing machine! If you love the handwritten look but hate your handwriting (or the hand cramps that come with it), Cricut’s got your back. Just pop in a pen, set your design to “Draw” in Cricut Design Space, and click that Go button. But it’s not really THAT easy, is it? But almost! I’m going to share with you all of my Cricut pen & marker tips & tricks so can get compliments on your handwriting, too!

So first, how does it work? So your Cricut comes with two tool clamps — clamp A and clamp B. (switch camera) Clamp A is for accessories, and this is where we can put pens and markers.

To insert a pen or maker, simply open clamp A and insert the pen tip down while holding up on the bottom. If you’re inserting a Cricut pen, you’ll know it’s in place because you will USUALLY hear it click and the arrow will disappear. Be sure to close the clamp once the pen is in.

Here’s an important tip: Always test your pens on a scrap piece of paper before you use them in your Cricut. If they are new, they may need to be primed a bit to get the ink going, so you’ll want to do that BEFORE your Cricut uses them on your project.

I have tried other pens and markers in my Cricut, and I have a tutorial on that over at–writing

In this video, I will focus on the really wide variety of pens and markers that Cricut makes, because there are now so many more than there used to be and you don’t have to worry about them ever fitting in your machine.

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