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Cricut Projects You Can SELL! | 12 Proven Winners With Tutorials!

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I love to craft for fun – it’s a great creative outlet and I always have great gifts! But have you considered selling your work? I know many of you have, but maybe you’re not sure what to make. To help you, I’ve gathered 12 of my favorite Cricut projects to SELL, from mugs to T-shirts! And, I’m sharing some handy Print then Cut care card designs for your customers (or gift recipients!) that you can include with several of the items!

One reason that handmade items sell well is that they take time to learn, special tools, and skills – three things many people don’t have! But I bet you do! And selling your Cricut crafts can be a great great way to earn extra money.

There are several things to consider when picking Cricut projects to sell:

What do you like to make?

If you’re going to make Cricut projects to sell, pick products you like to craft. That way, when success strikes and you’re swimming in orders, you get to do things you like. While crafting can be a source of income, do your best to keep it enjoyable so it doesn’t just feel like Work.

What tools and materials do you have?

When you’re just starting out, use what you have instead of investing in new tools and the cost of materials. For example, if you have a Cricut Explore Air, there are plenty of Cricut projects to sell you can make. You don’t need to jump to a Maker right away! Wait until your Cricut business

Will you sell in-person or are you open to shipping?

Do you want the potential exposure of an Etsy shop or would you prefer to sell locally at craft fairs? If you open an online shop, be prepared to deal with shipping, which may impact the projects you pick and create an additional cost.

What sells well in the market you want to try?

This is fun research to do! Visit local events, look at similar Cricut small businesses online, or look in seller Facebook groups. What are the best selling Cricut projects? Is there an unmet demand in your area that you can meet? That’s a great way to start!

Do you want to make many small items or a few more involved products?

Smaller, easy crafts like vinyl decals might not have the same price point as custom wooden signs, but they can even out depending on your quantities. Fast Cricut project ideas that become your best sellers can be just as profitable! This is especially true if you make items for events like baby showers. And the great thing about fast projects is you can squeeze them in around activities in your busy life.

Are you confident customizing designs?

If you are comfortable with Cricut Design Space, one of the best things for your Cricut craft business is customization. By offering customers the personal touch of adding a name, date, or other detail, your side hustle will take off!

There are so many Cricut projects to sell, and these are some of my suggestions!

00:00 Cricut Projects to Sell
02:45 Tumblers
04:12 Mugs
05:22 T-Shirts
06:54 Wine Bags
08:10 Stickers
09:23 Magnets
10:14 Cards
11:19 Envelopes
12:31 Earrings
13:50 Coasters
15:01 Keychains
16:15 Signs

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