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Cricut Projects for Beginners – Easy Ideas & Tutorials

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These Cricut projects for beginners are great ideas for new cutting machine owners! Get the FREE designs for these projects at https://jennifermaker.com/cricut-projects-for-beginners-ideas-tutorials/

When I got my first Cricut, I just wanted to make fun projects that were easy and looked amazing. I got lucky and found some, but not everyone is so fortunate. Far too many people take on hard Cricut projects at the very start not realizing everything that goes into them, then they get frustrated when they have problems. So I’ve gathered up SEVEN easy starter projects that are perfect projects for Cricut beginners!

Each one of these Cricut projects for beginners in this video can be created in under two hours OR LESS and use simple materials and basic skills to create. I also have step-by-step tutorials and videos for EVERY project listed here, so I can walk you through the entire process from start to finish. You can just craft alongside me. Plus, all of the design files for these projects are totally free over on my blog at JenniferMaker.com

Let’s take a closer look at each one of these beginner Cricut projects so you can decide which one would work best for you!

Cricut Beginner Project #1: One of the easiest projects you can do is simply cut some vinyl and stick it on a mug. For example, this is my Cute Face Mug. It’s adorable, don’t you think? And it’s nothing more than some self-adhesive vinyl that I cut on my Cricut and then transferred to this mug. You can put vinyl like this on LOTS of things with a smooth surface — glass, metal, wood, ceramic, plastic, and even canvas! To learn how to make this cute face mug step-by-step with me, go to jennifermaker.com/easymug

Cricut Beginner Project #2: Now, many people get Cricut cutting machines so they can make fun T-shirts, like this “Craft” shirt — and the good news is that T-shirts are really quite easy to make! Instead of using self-adhesive vinyl like we did with the mug, for our shirt we want to use iron on vinyl — also called heat transfer vinyl, or HTV. You just cut out your vinyl design on your Cricut and apply it to your T-shirt. And this craft heart design is a great project to learn on! I teach you how to put the vinyl on your cutting mat the right way, cut it out, weed away the excess vinyl, and apply it to your shirt in my step-by-step video at jennifermaker.com/easyshirt

Cricut Beginner Project #3: How about a nice and easy PAPER project? These simple layered peek-a-boo cards were inspired by the starter card project that comes with new Cricut machines, taking the concept just one step further. For this easy project, all you need to do is cut two different colors of cardstock, fold one sheet in half, and then put them together — you don’t even need glue! There are 24 different designs in total, so there’s a card for every occasion. These also make a great gifts — many of my fellow makers have made the whole greeting card set and given it to someone who loves to send cards. Or just make it for yourself and you’ll always have a card on hand. This is probably one of the EASIEST Cricut project for beginners! To learn how to make these cards step-by-step, go to jennifermaker.com/easycards

Cricut Beginner Project #4: Here’s another paper-based project that is a big hit with all of my beginner crafters — a paper butterfly heart. What’s so fun about this butterfly project is that while it looks stunning, it’s super easy to make! It’s nothing more than paper butterflies folded and glued onto a simple white canvas. The butterflies are easy to cut out thanks to your Cricut, then you just fold the wings in half and glue the butterflies on in a heart shape or whatever shape you want! You can even add a saying on the canvas using self-adhesive vinyl, which is also simple to do. This is really the perfect beginner project and everyone will be just amazed that you made this yourself. You can make this project alongside me in my step-by-step video at jennifermaker.com/easyheart

Cricut Beginner Project #5: Learn how to make this filigree luminary at jennifermaker.com/easyluminary

Cricut Beginner Project #6: Learn how to make these pretty earrings at jennifermaker.com/easyearrings

Cricut Beginner Project #7: Make a Personalized Infusible Ink T-shirt with me at jennifermaker.com/easypersonalization

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