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1 of 3 How to Create an Iron-On T-shirt | Iron-On | Cricut™

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In this Cricut tutorial for beginners, we’ll show you how to use Design Space to design and make a fantastic iron-on project. You can use a household iron or Cricut EasyPress. We use glitter iron-on material, but you can use any heat-transfer material type you want. We’ll show you how to use Templates to help you visualize your design for a perfect T-shirt iron-on project. And we’ll cover the Layers panel, so you can learn to change the colors of your design, and find images and insert them onto your canvas. We’ll also cover Color Sync and Attach – so you can lock a design, telling your Cricut machine to cut the design exactly as it appears.

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Cricut helps people lead creative lives by providing cutting tools, design software and materials to make do-it-yourself projects beautiful, fun, and easy.



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