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Maker Academy Weekend 2022: Sunday Morning Workshops

[videojs youtube=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7VC1vSHp2GQ”]
In our free Maker Academy Weekend workshops this morning, you’ll get “motivated to make” from Jennifer Maker, learn how to make winter shadowboxes, how to cut out easy mandalas, how to create your own shadow box frames, and get tips on choosing which crafts to make or sell with Angie Holden!

Get a free ticket to our online event with access to our 200+ designs with a free ticket to Maker Academy Weekend 200 at https://makeracademy.com/weekend

See the Maker Academy Weekend 2022 schedule at https://makeracademy.com/weekend-schedule

Get lifetime replays with a 2022 VIP Pass at https//makeracademy.com/vip

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