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How to Make SVG Files to Sell on Etsy – Etsy Passive Income [Selling SVG Files Made Easy]

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How to Make SVG Files to Sell on Etsy – Etsy Passive Income [Selling SVG Files Made Easy]

If you have been wondering about selling digital products and how to make and sell SVGs you have come to the right place. You don’t need glitz and glam to make SVG files to sell on Etsy. Using Inkscape, a free design program, you can create SVGs to sell on Etsy in no time. Think of it as a crash course in Selling SVG Files Made Easy! This will allow you to make Passive Income Selling SVG files on Etsy, Shopify and other platforms and can potentially change your life!

In this video I explain how to make SVG files with Inkscape using basic text. While this is not an advanced tutorial, it provides the basic framework of understanding how cutting machine programs work and how to create a SVG to sell on Etsy, Shopify, or other digital download platforms.

Learn how to create SVGs and more with this video and start making passive income on Etsy today!

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