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How to make a split monogram or split design in Cricut Design Space

[videojs youtube=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w-nTeJDipMg”]
The ampersand (& symbol) use is from the font Amastery. It is a GREAT font with one of the best sets of ornaments of any font out there. Check it out here – https://fontbundles.net/blackcatsmedia/24277-amastery-font-duo-extras/rel=HYukK4

The B used is from the font Breakfast Pastry, another of my favorites. Check that out here – https://fontbundles.net/geekmissy/97127-breakfast-pastry-a-decorative-font-family/rel=HYukK4

The script font is Hello Blushberry Duo. Yet another great font. You can grab that here – https://fontbundles.net/greatstudio/227207-hello-blushberry-font-duo/rel=HYukK4

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