Cricut Iron on Vinyl

Cricut Iron on Vinyl

Iron on Vinyl

Cricut iron on vinyl is an easy and fun way to add vibrant patterns and colors to fabric or clothing items, including fabric apparel or bags. Available in an array of colors, types, patterns and types like Everyday Iron-On, Sport Flex Iron-On, Glitter Holographic Mesh Iron On and Smart Iron On patterns it makes personalization simple!

Two layers make up this type of vinyl material: colorful vinyl material and clear plastic carrier sheet (sometimes known as the “paper backing”). When cutting with this type of vinyl, be sure to place its shiny side down onto your cutting mat.

Cricut Iron on Vinyl

Cricut Iron on Vinyl – Easy to use

Cricut iron-on vinyl (also referred to as heat transfer vinyl or HTV) is an easy and flexible way to add texture and color to projects.

Prior to adhering the vinyl to any surface, you must pre-wash it. This will remove moisture and wrinkles that might prevent proper adhesion of the vinyl.

After that, it’s time to use Cricut to cut your design out of vinyl. There is an array of colors, patterns, and types available that you can choose from when making your choice.

Dependent upon your project, it is necessary to choose between permanent or removable vinyl. Permanent vinyl will last longer in various weather conditions.


Iron on vinyl is an ideal material to use for many creative projects, being easy to apply and suitable for fabric, metal, paper and more.

Cricut offers an assortment of iron on vinyl that features patterns, sport flex, glitter and more – as well as special types like smart iron on that have been specifically developed to work with their machine.

One of the key points when using Cricut iron on vinyl is mirroring your design before cutting. This will ensure that it comes out correctly once cut onto fabric.

Once your project is complete, weeding tools are an easy and effortless way to remove excess vinyl. Unlike standard adhesive vinyl which can often be sticky and difficult to weed effectively, iron-on vinyl is much simpler!

Cricut Iron on Vinyl – Easy to cut

Cricut iron-on vinyl is an excellent way to create projects such as T-shirts, onesies, hats and home decor pieces such as metal signs or paper crafts.

When it comes to cutting and applying iron on vinyl, there are a few essential points you should keep in mind. First of all, mirror your design before cutting to ensure the shiny side of the vinyl aligns properly on the mat.

Make sure that the appropriate cut settings for this material are being utilized and conduct a test cut to make sure the vinyl adheres well with fabric.

At this point, use tools such as hooks and tweezers to remove any additional vinyl that doesn’t belong in the design.

Easy to apply

Cricut iron-on vinyl is a thin, flexible material available in pre-cut sheets or rolls for ease of use. Each colorful layer adheres securely to its clear plastic carrier sheet backing for use on Cricut machines.

To apply vinyl, you’ll require both a heat tool and some form of protection for your project. Protective material like parchment paper or Teflon heat press sheet can serve to shield surfaces from excess heat while helping prevent carrier sheets from leaving behind markings when removed from their carrier sheets.

First, set your EasyPress or iron to the appropriate temperature using the Cricut Heat Guide as a reference point. Your specific type of vinyl and base material dictates its required pressing time and temperature setting.

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