Craft Closet Makeover – Part 1

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I am so excited to share part one of my craft closet transformation. This started out as a project to create a new workspace in my craft room and evolved into a full-on big change! I’ll be sharing an in-depth look at the closet once it is organized and styled just a bit more. The products I used are below, none of them are affiliate links, just stores I was able to get to during this quarantine!

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***Links & Supplies***
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*Simply Tidy Modular Storage Tower (Michaels) –

*Rubbermaid Shelves (12 x 48inches) –

Rubbermaid Shelves (8 x24 inches) –

White shelf brackets –

Scrapbook Storage Cases –

Lexington Craft Cart –

Butcher Block Counter top –

Floral Stick-On Wallpaper –

Lighting Strip from IKEA –

IKEA bag holders (for vinyl storage) –

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